Bespoke Performers

Showelli puts together bespoke entertainment with our beautiful exclusive performers and artists giving you a spectacular show at your event!

We have performed shows such as Moulin Rouge, Gatsby 1920's, Burlesque, Cheerleaders and Vegas Show Girls. We are very versatile performing at a range of venues such as Charities, Club nights, Restaurants and Arenas in the UK and over seas.

We offer a wide range of packages ready made for your entertainment.
You can request a costume package tailored to any theme of your choice, please contact us with your enquires.

Moulin Rouge Show

  • Four beautiful dancers giving you two fantastic choreographed routines.
  • Two topless hunky Butlers.

Show Girls

  • Four beautiful dancers giving you a glamourous show girl themed Routine.
  • Two stunning hostesses in gorgeous silver corsets.


Available options

  • Your very own Freestyling girls.
  • Your very own Freestyling boys.
  • Mix and match Boys and Girls freestyle.

Candy Girls

Available options

  • 2 Candy dancers
  • Sweet Handout (sweets provided)

Showelli offers a wide range of services to cater for our clientele. These include but not limited to

  • Concerts
  • Music videos
  • Film
  • Corporate events
  • Choreography
  • Costume hire
  • Private events
  • Fire acts
  • Themed parties
  • Models